Thursday, March 19, 2009

SNeak Peek baby Peyton

Peyton = PERFECTION!! This little sweetheart was just the most precious thing ever! Big, happy smiles and so easy to please, I absolutely enjoyed every minute of her being here today. Her Easter outfit couldn't have been cuter. Here's your preview, Elizabeth and feel free to bring your angel back to me any time you want!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Olivia

See, I told you she left her mommy and daddy's clothes here just so she could come back and play some more! Today's session was all pink & brown themed, for no reason other than it sounded like a good idea. Isn't she just the MOST precious thing ever????

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Olivia is three months old!

And look at how strong she is!! She was not at all in the mood for pictures Monday but when we started discussing the possibility of rescheduling for another day, I think we called her bluff and all the smiles came out. I have been dying for a little girl on the baby plan and Miss O is PERFECT! Enjoy your preview, Tim & Andrea (I know you're stalking)...

Oh and I think Miss Olivia left some of her things here on purpose so she could come back and spend some more time with me and my camera....and that's just fine by me!!

Baby Parker is a whole year old now!

My little boys are growing up so fast!! Another graduate and he melts me every single time. His laugh has to be the cutest thing EVER! I gotta say though, he was not all that happy with the birthday cake we sat in front of him. It was his birthday and he could cry if he wanted to! This was the very first session in my new studio and I am so glad it was this family as nothing was quite where it was supposed to be and at least they are totally used to my kookiness! Thanks John & Vanessa and enjoy your preview!
This next one is probably my favorite of the bunch...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby sale!!!

Every March I like to do the 50% off Bellies to Giggles Collection with all of those June brides who got right down to baby business on their honeymoons in mind!! Soooo, if you are expecting or looking for a FABULOUS shower gift, look no further! This deal is my BEST collection EVER folks and it's so awesome that you can only get the scoop if you contact me directly so DON'T WAIT cus this special won't be around long!!