Monday, November 30, 2009

T & P Engagement

Yup, another engagement, goodness I love to shoot couples in love. What could possibly be better? Well, in this case, the weather could've but we were absolutely not about to let a few rain drops stop us. Truth be told, I was standing in the rain for this first shot and the clouds rolling in along with it did not look friendly at all. But, guess what. We decided to keep on going and the rain passed...yay! I am not finished with this couple mind you, so there will be more of them on the blog in the weeks to come so stay tuned. For now, here's this weekend's preview...
Raining here? Yup.
What's an engagement without a railroad track shot?
Yessir, it's the field...
Got this one ordered for the office...

The D Family

Immediately following one favorite was another, what a great day I was having! This family is new to my heart but definitely holds a permanent position for sure. Mom is an amazing floral designer and both kids are friends with mine. Not only are they wonderfully coordinated, but pretty darn easy to photograph perfect is that?
I have already ordered this one for my office... :D

The M Family

I got to spend some quality times with one of my favorite clients/former teachers/future teacher/salesperson and friend this weekend and boy did we cram in quite a few pictures in a very small window of time. Not only did we do some in-studio with Mr. Carter, we loaded up the family to drive to a location with a porch which just happened to perfectly match their outfits...hello, totally worth it. I just adore this family and I have to tell you, hearing Cole cry when it was time to leave Megan both warmed my heart and broke it simultaneously. Holly, I think the two of them need some quality time together real soon. :)

Sweet Kiley

This little one's mom called me at the last minute hoping I could squeeze her in which I don't normally do this time of year simply because my schedule is so packed that I simply can't. After meeting this firecracker, I sure am glad I moved some things around and made the exception, she was just so darn cute! We played the "You push the button, I push the button" game for about and hour and voila, great images. Enjoy your preview, Dina and thanks for letting me spend some time with your little angel.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The T Family

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite clients and his mom & dad tonight. I can hardly believe how big he has gotten since I have seen him last and add to that he's going to be a big brother next oh my, it seems like yesterday when I was doing his newborn pictures! Of course I had Megan with me and she always works so hard with the little ones and loves every minute of it, a born baby sitter. Thank you for a terrific session, Blake and I can't wait to meet your baby brother or sister!
A classic family it. Oh and ironically, this was the last shot of the evening.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The B Family

You might recognize this pretty little face as I have photographed her quite a bit in the last year and today she allowed her mommy and daddy to be in the pictures with her, aren't they lucky? She is just the most perfect child and I always look forward to our sessions. Today was perfect weather and this session was such a breeze. Thank you B family!