Monday, December 21, 2009

That's a wrap

First of all, THANK YOU to my blog followers and stalkers alike who have such nice things to say about my work and who lovingly refer their friends and families. Without you, I wouldn't be the photographer I am today. Thank you to all my fabulous clients/friends (to me, they are one in the same) for making this year so memorable. To my wedding clients, past & present...I have loved be a part of the most special moments in your lives and I cannot tell you how much means to get updates on how your lives are changing. To my all my families and baby planners, it almost hurts to see your babies grow up, but I consider it a gift to be a part of your lives and your children truly mean the world to me. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. Next to the business at hand, I will be taking a much needed break for the rest of the year (sounds like a long time, doesn't it?) to spend with my family and friends and sleep a little too. Kris Evans Photography will be closed from today, December 21st until January 5th. You are more than welcome to send your questions and requests via e-mail and I will get back to them in 2010. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Hasta la vista, 2009...

T & P Engagement Part II

I got to end the year off with a weekend full of wonderfully photogenic people, isn't that great? Yesterday was the second part of Taryn & Patrick's engagement which was filled with driving around and exploring new territory and ended with some familiar places close to home. A perfect favorite kind of session.
Not to self, next time wait for the sun to be a little lower when attempting this location again. given that I had a no flash (mostly because I loathe the use of flash outdoor), this was a miracle shot indeed!
Definitely one for the sample book, don't you think?
She brought along her red pumps, I love her folks.
Hello...the wedding colors will be black & green, how could I not?
A classic portrait, always a must.

Anyone noticing that my "sneak peeks" are getting larger & larger?

High School Senior Rebecca

After two weather reschedules (one being for Tomball) I finally had the chance to meet this wonderful high school senior this past weekend. She is such an absolutely beautiful girl with the kindest spirit and it was such a joy to watch her open up to the camera and because of that, we have some truly magical images.

The K Family

By the time you read this, I will have already designed, printed and had delivered this family's Christmas card/Announcements and Baptism invitations, that's how grossly behind I am. In any event, I drove out to the K family's beautiful home in Clear Lake to take their holiday pictures with their newest addition and what a perfect addition she is.
Totally I love with this one.
And this one melts me completely.
Look what Santa delivered a few weeks early.

Sweet Little Calvin

This sweet cuddly little man came in this season for his baby pictures too and I loved every single minute both he and his mommy were here. His mom was one of those people that you meet and within the first five minutes, you feel like you've known her forever and the conversation flows from minutes to hours in the blink of an eye. Love that and love her perfect baby boy...
Already have this one in my office, yes I do!

The P Family

Since I am so crazy behind with my blogging, I will keep this short & sweet. This is the P Family and though I have been aquainted with them for years, I have only recently begun to get to know them better. They are a phenominal family with deep Christian roots and beliefs and I cannot tell you how rare that is these days. So enjoy them...