Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Elyse

For the first time ever, a baby did not like me. Shocked? I was too! I don't know if it was my big ugly camera or the lights or simply stage fright, but every time she saw that camera go up to my face, those big sad lips started to quiver. Seriously, it broke my heart. Baby tears are the saddest thing ever and I wanted so badly for her to show the camera the smiles she freely dispensed when I put it down. After a few minutes and come cuddles with Mommy, she calmed down and ironically enough thought the flower pot was the greatest thing. Why is this ironic? Because most babies absolutely hate the flower pot, but not Miss Elyse, she thought it was just perfect. From then, it was pretty much smooth sailing and I was the one sad when it was time to leave.

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